Lou Perlaky

Marketing Specialist


Email Lou Perlaky +1 419.724.7376

“I need to know how and why things work; why they’re better. That type of insight helps me build an educated perspective. From there I can start solving problems.”

Marketing Specialist Lou Perlaky has a natural curiosity that serves him – and his clients – well. “I love to break down obstacles into manageable pieces and then see how they fit together,” he says. “Knowing all the details also makes it easier to spot opportunities that can be hidden in the big picture.”

Lou has managed client services in both small boutique firms and national marketing agencies. He brings a candid communication style to relationships and a special talent for driving creative projects to fruition within deadlines.

With a degree in education and Marketing and Visual Communication Technology, Lou embraces new marketing technology, but also understands the foundational importance of storytelling. “Listening to people’s stories is critical to establishing great relationships,” he says. “The more I know about our partners, the more likely I’ll be to help them.”

Lou loves fly fishing, backpacking and distance bicycle riding. During one recent summer he put more than 2,600 miles on his bike. “I do some of my best thinking while riding.”

He’s also a music lover. “Music is a constant reminder that most marketing solutions require collaboration, creativity and an orderly process to deliver great results.”

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